About PCCS

Why Patient Centered Care Strategies

Patient Centered Care Strategies, PCCS, is led by Katy Downer, Doctor of Physical Therapy, who has experience in an Acute care setting, home health, has developed rehab for patients with major neurological disorders, and been a health and wellness coach for a major Fortune 500 company. Dr. Downer has assembled a talented team with a great deal of background in healthcare technologies. Members of the PCCS team began working in the traditional IT marketplace with major IT companies like Cisco, NetApp, and VMWare.

Having worked with patients for a long time, I noticed a clear disconnect with the healthcare industry and helping them get the care they need. That is how PCCS came to be.
~ Katy Downer

These team members figured out after years of success in the mainstream technology marketplace that cutting edge healthcare solutions were needed to truly deliver patient centered care and that none of the mainstream IT companies were capable of pivoting quickly enough to deliver the value our healthcare providers and their patients required. PCCS teams up Dr. Downer’s experience with these talented technical team members to bring unique patient focused technology solutions to the marketplace that don’t have the scale of the large IT companies but have technologies that enhance the next generation of healthcare. PCCS focuses on partnerships that can truly bring something exceptional in their value to both the marketplace as well as our collective portfolio. We are building opportunities both for our customers as well as the solutions providers within our portfolio to collaborate and deliver a greater differentiation through partnership within our portfolio to bring to market.

Projected Outcomes

Digital health integrations and secured web services to provide remote patient monitoring solutions for diabetes, hypertension, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, congestive heart failure, atherosclerosis and obesity.

Improved Patient Satisfaction

Reduced Inpatient Re-Admissions

Reduced outpatient Visits

Patient Aligned Care Team

Patient Engagement

Care Coordination & Workflow Collaboration

Predictive Analytics

Key Offerings

Patient Centered Care Strategies has very strong partnerships with technology value added resellers to ensure technology solutions can be delivered completely and comprehensively to fully benefit our healthcare customers.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Chronic Care Management

OR Efficiency & Patient Engagement Platform

Healthy Living Engagement & Education Program

Referral & Fee Basis Coordination Platform

Connected Care Teams to Include the Building Itself

Population Health Management

Our Goal

The goal for Patient Centered Care Strategies is to improve outcomes (happier/healthier patients), engage veterans when and where they need VA support, & ultimately provide peace of mind for patients and their families.